Ily Bieber Myers? It Could Happen

I’ve been searching for the just the right adjective to describe the last 48 hours since publishing “I Want YOU to Name My Daughter.” I’ve narrowed it down to:

• Humbled

• Excited

• Overwhelmed

• Blessed

But I think the winning adjective has to be:


Never in a million years did we imagine that this crazy idea would generate so much interest.

For those just getting to the party: My wife and I are raffling off the middle name of our unborn daughter, Ily. For $25, ANYONE can purchase a raffle ticket and win the naming rights to our second child. (Click here to get the complete explanation.)

I told WBAP radio station this morning, “When I threw this idea out there…I honestly thought only my mom and my sisters would embrace this opportunity.”

TK even thought their interest would be limited.

We were wrong – WAY wrong!

I wanted to share a bullet-point overview of the wonderfully great monster this initiative has turned into. 

Again, my wife and I are SHOCKED!Name Our Daughter Raffle

• Thanks to friends on Twitter and Facebook, several media outlets picked up on the story. D Magazine started the wildfire; the local ABC affiliate jumped all over it, stopping by the house for an interview, and our night ended with an in-studio conversation with the Fox affiliate.

• Our story has been seen as far away as Houston and Austin.

• All of the media interviews forced us to fine tune our mission/vision of this unique initiative. In my initial blog post, it took almost 1,000 words to explain what the hell we were doing. Twenty-four hours after hitting “Publish,” we got it down to one sentence:

This is a fun and out-of-the-box celebration of life.

Reminder: We thought we couldn’t get pregnant again – so we stopped trying. But God had other plans. Right when we started looking into adoption again – God finally blessed us and said: “Now’s the time!”

Name Our Daughter Raffle

• We have received HUNDREDS of suggested names through Facebook, this blog, text messages and e-mails. Unfortunately, only a couple dozen people have made the necessary donation to officially enter the raffle.

I guess people think we’re going to fall in love with their unofficial suggestion and call the whole thing off. While we ARE partial to some of the recommendations….Not. Going. To. Happen.

One person will get the chance to name our daughter – whatever their heart desires.

• The craziest names that have been suggested (not necessarily officially entered):

– Awesome


– Bieber

– Big Mac

– Catfish

• The most common suggestions (some of these HAVE BEEN officially entered):

– Forever

– Faith

– Hope

– Elyse

– Elizabeth

• I’ve been constantly reminding people: There needs to be a story behind the name. We love Ily Elizabeth Myers, but we want there to be a cool back-story.

One of the neatest comments we’ve received was from an old college friend. She wrote:

My two cents…Ily’s middle name should be ‘Mae.’ It was my great grandmothers middle name (Dolly Mae). She was the strongest and most genuine person I’ve ever met, along with having the biggest heart ever!

I told her that I loved it, and I encouraged her to officially enter the raffle.

She did!

• We have had only a handful of negative responses. My favorite so far (via the Fox4 Facebook page):

They are going to sell to the highest bidder? So she will be Ily Pepsi Myers or Ily Walmart Myers…. Wth?! Be better parents you attention seeking liberals!

• Several people have referred to us as “greedy.”

Reminder: Every cent that is raised through this campaign, is being donated to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center. If there are any transaction costs through our online donations, we will personally cover those expenses.

Wait there’s more – click to see how Crash is handling ‘fame.’

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3 Comments on “Ily Bieber Myers? It Could Happen”

  1. Carrie Nielson
    March 7, 2013 at 9:12 pm #

    Praying more people to action and make the donation!

  2. Drew Myers
    March 8, 2013 at 11:12 am #

    Our story has made it all the way to Boston:

  3. Drew Myers
    March 8, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    Houston News:

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