Resume Screaming: NAME OUR BABY!

Our silly “little” raffle to give our unborn daughter her middle name is entering the home stretch!

Thank. Goodness.

Confession: I’m ready to pick a winner so I can start monogramming some baby gear, AND calling Ily by her full name when she’s acting up in TK’s belly.

Again, we never dreamed that this crazy idea would generate so much buzz.  After all the initial attention, we stopped “advertising” the raffle – afraid people would think we were doing it for the wrong reasons.

That has not stopped family, friends and complete strangers from talking about it, though. We have at least 10 people ask us how it’s going on a weekly basis. Here are some common inquiries (and the answers):

Q: Have you picked a name?

A: Not yet. We’re drawing at TK’s baby shower on June 29th. (It was originally going to be drawn on July 1, but we thought doing at a baby shower would be festive.)

Q: Can I still enter?

A: Absolutely…it’s $25 and every cent goes to Fort Worth Pregnancy Center. (click here to enter)

Q: How much money have you raised?

A: Approximately $500 (our goal is $2,000 – 80 entries)

Q: What is the best name that’s been submitted?

A: I’m partial to “Dru” for some reason.

Q: Are there any submissions that would force you to use your first right of refusal?

A: Not a single one. They’re all wonderfully great in their own way.

– – –

As I reflect on this out-of-the-box idea, I’ve realized that I made a mistake letting it drag out for 3 months. I should have done it over a 2-week period – fast, furious and DONE.

Again, it was definitely wild and crazy out of the gate, but we let it settle down on purpose. We constantly had to remind ourselves why we were doing this.

This reflection became essential after a negative comment was posted on one of the media Facebook pages.

My wife called me on the phone.

TK: “I’m done!”

ME: “Hold on…slow down….what happened?”

TK (with hurt in her voice): “I’m done. Cancel the raffle.”

ME: “Stop….What happened?”

TK: “I was reading the comments on Facebook and someone’s suggestion for a name was so horrible.” (TK wouldn’t even let me share it on this post.)

She swallowed the lump in her throat: “I can’t do this anymore.”

I understood her distress, because even though most of the feedback we’d received was wonderfully great – comments from the few “haters” still stung.

ME: “You have to remember why we’re doing this. We know what’s in our hearts. That Jack Wagon doesn’t know us and he probably doesn’t know the whole story.”

TK didn’t say anything more than “OK,” but you could tell that I had started to extinguish her anguish.

Later that night, we talked through our motives again:

– A unique thank you note to God for blessing us with another child

– Celebrating life

– Giving back

We hugged and decided to move forward. We did agree to take our foot off the pedal, however, and stop screaming “NAME OUR BABY” from the rooftops.

Until NOW!

With approximately 1 month to go until Ily has a middle name, it’s time to start screaming again – Jack Wagons be damned!

Reminder: Our goal is raise $2,000 for the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center, a faith-based organization that puts an emphasis on a child’s life.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts – simply click here.

You will fill out a VERY brief form and then be directed to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center donation page.

Reminder: FWPC is not involved in this raffle, except benefitting from everyone’s generosity.

If you have questions – ask away.

If you don’t have a name, but still want to support our efforts – make a donation! (You still have a month to come up with something brilliant.)

If you feel inclined to “hate” and/or judge  – do it!

Reminder: We know what’s in our hearts, we’ve embraced our motives AND the most unthinkable name has already been submitted.

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