Wife & Son Light Up My Life During Power Outage

EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate the birth of our new blessing, Ily Anabelle, this is a four-part series of previously-written blog posts about daddyhood. These posts, branded as “unsolicited/friendly parenting advice,” originally ran on my defunct blog: A Crash Course in Daddyhood. This post – which originally ran September 1, 2010 – is the final installment in the series.

– – –

After an extended hiatus of blogging, it always amazes me the different circumstances that motivate me to start again.

It’s usually a random occurrence that slaps me across the face and screams in my ear:

“Hey, you slacking poser! Remember that blog you started about raising your son?!?!? Why don’t you put the beer down, turn off the Rangers, and write something!”

Tonight, it was a power outage that provided a gentle – but motivating – kick to the butt. (I had NO IDEA that it had been three months since my last post.)

So imagine this…

Our power is out…a couple of candles are scattered throughout the kitchen and living room (mainly to keep us from stepping on the dog sprawled on the floor)…the heat from the bricks is quickly warming up the house…I’m forced to cook macaroni and cheese on our gas grill…and I’m walking around with an industrial flash light tucked underneath my arm.


This evening of darkness got me thinking about how much my life has changed in a wonderfully great way.

When the power went out in college, we went straight to the bar. It was the closest place with air conditioning, cold beer and sports on TV.

And of course we stayed all night – “We better stay for another round….what if the electricity isn’t back on yet?”

Needless to say…tonight was different.


After cooking macaroni and cheese on the grill (I only bring this up again to reinforce that I’m a bad ass over an open flame):

• We started putting together a contingency plan for the frozen breast milk in the freezer;

• I ran the spotlight (a.k.a. flashlight) for Crash’s pre-bath naked dance routine on the bathroom counter;

• Using the same flashlight, I made shadow puppets on the shower wall as Crash took his bath. (He was fond of the traditional puppy dog).

After we put the boy down for the night, my wife and I curled up in front of my laptop and watched a Netflix movie. (Hoping we got to the end before the battery died.)

It was nice. A little warm – but nice.

Confession: I kept up with the Rangers on my Blackberry.

When the lights finally came back on, I started thinking…what did people do before flashlights, freezers, Netflix and smart phones?

Oh, yeah….we went to the pub.

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