Lights, Camera…Count Your Blessings

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first post in a three-part series revolving around our wonderfully great Christmas.

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AppleHave you seen the tear-jerking Apple commercial that ran on TV this holiday season? It’s entitled “Misunderstood,” and it focuses on a stereotypical adolescent with his face buried in his IPhone during the holidays. While you think this socially-awkward teen is choosing Angry Birds and/or Twitter over his family, he was actually filming and producing an amazing video. He shares his touching creation with his family on Christmas morning. Grandma cries. Everyone hugs. It is really cool!

That nugget of marketing genius inspired one of my gifts this year.

I made a video for my wife. I took old footage and photos that was clogging up space on our phones, and I put together a video montage of parenthood – before, during and after the adventure began. I spent hours on my computer, giving the illusion that I was working, checking and/or stalking random people on Facebook.

On Christmas morning, TK unwrapped Google’s newest gadget, Chromecast. It allows you stream content from your computer directly to your TV. She was clueless when she opened it up, but I quickly plugged into the television and the video started to play.

I wanted to share this two-part feature on my blog.

Two disclaimers, though:

Disclaimer No. 1: I pull the curtain WAY BACK in the first 3-minute video (Christmas Blessings: How the Story Began). Spoiler alert: It’s raw, unseen footage from 2008 of me racing to the fertility doctor. I had to explain to TK – several times – that it was VERY real.

Disclaimer No. 2: If you are not a fan of seeing over-the-top cute photos of other people’s kids…you might want to skip the second video (Christmas Blessings: The Wonderfully Great Adventure).

Here are the videos (for maximum impact, I encourage you to watch them in order):

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