A Country Fried Thank You to My Wife

Whenever I write about my wife, I let her read it before I hit “publish.” I guess I’m looking for her approval and/or blessing before sharing it with the world.

Not this time!

I thought it would be more impactful if I went ahead and posted this open letter of appreciation to her. I needed to make a significant impact after forcing her to abandon her cherished home in Fort Worth and dragging her to the country. (She didn’t kick and scream…much.)

That’s right…we’re officially country folk. About 4 months ago, we packed up our vehicles and relocated an hour south of Dallas/Fort Worth. We now live in the tiny town of Rainbow, which is a “suburb” of the small town of Glen Rose (Population: 2,500).

My parents have allowed us to move in with them as we start planning our next adventure, which could include the building our legacy house on the Brazos River. We’ve talked about this move for more than 2 years, but we decided to go ahead and make the move.

Why now?

After several discussions, we thought it was important to get our son settled in school and let me start making inroads within the community for my various paying gigs (real estate, marketing, communication consulting, etc.)

For me, there was a bigger reason, though – I needed to breathe. I was born and raised in The Metroplex, and I was DONE. It’s hard to explain, but a significant weight is lifted from my shoulders when DFW is in my rearview mirror.

TK on the other hand…she was just getting her “city legs.” She grew up in the country, and she secretly vowed to never go back. For the last 10 years, she has fallen in love with Fort Worth. During a spirited discussion before the move, she said: “You have NO idea how much I’m going to miss the energy of the city.”

She was wrong. I completely understood, but that same energy was taking years off of my life. It was time to start a new adventure.

It’s important to know that TK wasn’t completely against the move, but she wasn’t 100 percent on board either.  We had several of those spirited discussions prior to the move AND several since we’ve been here.

After 4 months, I thought it was about time to express my eternal gratefulness.

– – – 

Dear TK,

Can you say thank you too many times? I’m a firm believer that you can’t.

Country LivingSo, with that said….

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have no idea how much I appreciate the sacrifice you’ve made for this family – specifically me. You’re giving me the opportunity to live out my dream of being a “country boy.”

Thank you.

You’re giving me the opportunity to be close to my folks during the later chapters of their lives.

Thank you.

Country LivingYou’re allowing our kids to develop a relationship with my parents that they’ll hopefully cherish forever.

When I hear Crash and my dad say goodnight to each other, it makes my heart smile.

Dad: “Love ya three!”

Crash: “I love you 20-10 minutes.”

Thank you.

I know you don’t see it yet, but this move is going to give our children opportunities – specifically in school – that they NEVER could have dreamt about in The Metroplex.

Country LivingIt makes me giddy to think about Crash being a five-sport athlete, while being student body president, involved in FFA AND valedictorian. It makes me smile even more thinking about Ily Belle doing the exact same things 3 years later.

Thank you.

You’re giving me the chance to get out of the rat race and breathe.

Thank you.

You’re giving all of us the opportunity to go on an amazing adventure with unthinkable possibilities.

Thank you.

I know this move has been hard on you, darlin’.

I know you have intense reservations about living outside the city. I know there isn’t a Target or a Chick-fil-A in Glen Rose. I know you loved our house in Fort Worth. I know you’re going to miss our neighborhood. I know you’re going to miss the energy.

That’s why I want you to know – without a doubt in your heart and soul – how much I appreciate your willingness to move anyway.

Like I recently told you, I won’t make you stay here if you hate it. I vow to honor the promises that I’ve made in private if you never learn to love Glen Rose and/or country living.

But I’m asking you again for two small favors…

– Give it a chance, and

– Focus on the wonderfully great things about living in the country – whether that’s the brightness of the stars, the lack of traffic or that before-mentioned dialogue between Crash and my dad.

One more time (at least for now)

Thank you.

With more love than you’ll EVER know,

Your husband

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