For the Ages: Shifting Focus on 40th Birthday

– – –

Part II of my 40th birthday celebration was a service project for sweet 90-year-old woman in Glen Rose, Ms. Mary Adams.

Yept…I made my guests get their hands dirty for my 40th birthday celebration. As I had hoped and dreamed, it was just enough perspective to make an impact on everyone who helped out.

We tackled a minor landscaping project for Ms. Mary. We mowed. We “weed whacked.” We cleared brush. We pulled weeds.

We gave her yard a pre-winter makeover.

Part of the project was giving her prayer garden a facelift. She had the twenty-third Psalm written on wooden boards around her scenic back yard. We touched up the scripture and re-set the frames.

Drew Myers

Ms. Mary was so appreciative of all of our hard work.

Another high-point of the weekend, was her walking around the property – with her cane in hand – and visiting with each of my family and friends. She personally thanked each person.

– – –

When I write a blog post like this, I always ask myself: “Why?”

WHY do I feel inclined to write 1,600 words about a birthday celebration that I planned for myself?

WHY is this important to me?

WHY would anyone care?

Coming up with an answer usually involves a lot of prayer. Again, motives are what ultimately define us. If it was simply me yelling “Look. At. Me.”…I would never hit “publish.”

After sitting on this blog post for a couple of months, I finally realized why I wanted to share this…

A few days after my 25th birthday, I had a life-changing conversation with a friend of mine. I shared my chardonnay-induced celebration of self-pity on the bathroom floor with her. She wasn’t amused. She looked me straight in the eye and said:

“Get over yourself, Drew. Take the emphasis off of your self and focus on someone else.”

Punch. To. The. Face.

My friend turned my 25-year-old narcissistic world upside down, and I’ve been trying to live that way ever since. She planted the seed for a way of thinking that has changed my life:

Put God first and others second.

This philosophy has grown into the driving force behind Live the List and it was the catalyst for my 40th birthday celebration.

Any time I get a chance to share the power of those six words, I do it.

Sometimes it’s via text with a friend.

Sometimes it’s over a cup of coffee.

Sometimes it takes a 1,600-word blog post to really drive the point home.



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