Live the List: Here. We. Go. Again.

Editor’s Note: This is almost the exact same blog post that I wrote when I launched my previous 55/555 life list in Aug. 2013. As I sat down to write this post – which commemorated the start of another life list – I realized that this narrative just needed to be re-published (with a few tweaks). It does a GREAT job of getting my point across and reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing. It does a wonderfully great job of introducing a new life list.

– – –

Is it possible to write a blog post with a heavy heart
AND overwhelming excitement and vigor?

Well, here goes nothing.

Live the ListI have a heavy heart because I had another Life List expire recently. The fact it’s been 555 days since I launched my 55/555 list isn’t the depressing part – it’s the fact that I had a handful of things still unaccomplished.

I refuse to use the next 1,100 words to make excuses, but I was able to pinpoint the No. 1 reason I didn’t get everything done. I blame it on the worst phrase in the English language:

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Those four and half words are dream killers, and I firmly believe that they are the primary reason people don’t accomplish their goals and fall short of their aspirations. That phrase paralyzes us to do nothing and embrace the status quo.

It’s the reason I didn’t zip line (No. 14), clean a fish (No. 23) or go to the Grand Canyon (No. 30) over the last 555 days.

Similar dream-killing phrases:

– “I’ll do it next week.”

– “I’ll do it after _________.”

– “I’ll go next year.”

– “I’ll wait until _________.”

Instead of attacking life and going after what we really want, we fall into the same-ol’ same-ol’ – foolishly confident that there will be a tomorrow. If we knew the exact day we were going to die, we could throw around the phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow” with 100 percent certainty.

We don’t.

Tomorrow is nothing more than a hope.

The philosopher Eminem said it best: “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”


– – –

The reason I’m writing this post with so much excitement and vigor, I’m using this new 55/555 list as a road map for my Live the List initiative, which includes speaking engagements, a possible radio show and, of course, the potential book.

I’ve already launched my list. It expires on September 16, 2016.

Just like my previous life lists, it has a handful of “big-ticket items” with life simple pleasures sprinkled in. I’m sure there will be countless number of blog posts about this life list – so I won’t bore you with ALL the details.

However, I did want to share some of the items that I’m most excited about:

• No. 30: Teach continuing education class revolving
around the Live the List Project

NOTE: I’m already scheduled to lead 6-week class at Tarleton State University in Summer 2015.

• No. 33: Go deer hunting

This is WAY outside of my comfort zone. The only thing that I’ve ever shot is aluminum
that had Miller Lite written on the side of it.

• No. 40:  Get baptized

• No. 47: Learn to play the guitar AND play a 2-song concert at a local bar

I’ve already started to teach myself how to play (YouTube is amazing). I added the concert portion of this task to completely raise the stakes. 

– – –

A new wrinkle to this life list is the fact that I was very intentional about who I wanted to accomplish these tasks with me. I’m constantly stressing “relational joy” and the potential power of life lists – IF you take someone on the adventure with you. This time around, I simply made a notation about who I’d like to accompany me on each journey (if it was applicable).


In the spirit of living on purpose, I’m asking anyone reading this blog post to familiarize yourself with my list and figure out if you can help me accomplish something. Maybe you’re a photographer and you take family portraits (No. 12), or you rescue German Shorthair Pointers (No. 34) and/or you have tickets to Rangers Opening Day (No. 37).

I’ll definitely return the favor and help you mark something off your list – because it’s my goal to help 100 people “live the list” in the next 555 days (No. 26).


Click Here to See My New 55/555 Life List

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One Comment on “Live the List: Here. We. Go. Again.”

  1. Carrie Bigbie
    March 15, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    I’m so glad to see you are working on this again! You have inspired me to dust mine off and see what I can check off. Hope all is well!!

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