Live the List: Here. We. Go. Again.

Life List IV: 55 Things in 555 Days

Over the next 555 days, I WILL complete the following 55 items. It started on March 15, 2015, and will expire September 16, 2016.

* carry-over items from my previous lists.

**  items that I STILL haven’t accomplished from my original 101 List. #fail

+ tasks that have marked off a previous list but I want to experience again


There is something inspiring about making or building something with your hands/mind/talents. 

1. Build a tree house (with Crash)*

As soon as my son put this on his life list, I HAD to carry it over to this list. More importantly, I have to #markitoff this time)

2. Build a cinder-block smoker and smoke a brisket 

3. Brew a batch of homemade beer (with my best friend, Greg)

4. Build 3 miles of hiking trails at Brazos House Retreat


This category has always spoken for itself – it revolves around getting my butt in shape. 

5. Run six 1/2 marathons (with six different family members or friends – 4/6)

6. Complete an adventure race

October 31, 2015: Spartan Beast in Glen Rose, Texas

7. Do 20 pull-ups in a row

On my last life list, I did 10 pull-ups in a row (video here). I decided to raise the bar and I did on a random playground on a random day in Austin, Texas.

8. Take a martial arts class (with members of SCFD)**

This has been on my Life List for more than 2,000 days (that’s almost FIVE YEARS)! #tragic


A few simple pleasures that I want to experience over the next 555 days

9. Zip line *

Pancakes10. See Bob Schnieder in concert

I marked No. 10 off my list at the exact same time – go to Gruene Hall (Aug. 29, 2015)

11. Take dance classes (with my wife)**

12. Have family portrait done

13. Fry a turkey

14. Eat pineapple upside down pancakes 

This turned into one of my favorite things to mark off ANY of my life lists. The staff at The Ruby Slipper Cafe in NOLA embraced what I was doing – help me mark this off. It was a testimonial to living with intention and relational joy.

DEFINING AN ADVENTURE (includes travel)

Blog excerpt: “When you aren’t 100 percent sure what’s coming around the next corner, whether that’s on the side of a mountain or walking down a strange street, you are in the midst of an adventure.”

15. Go on a vacation without kids+ (with my wife)

This will be on every life list I ever make. This time we went skiing in Ruidoso, New Mexico, with some of our friends…NO KIDS. (We also went to the Grand Canyon in May 2016)

Live the List16. Summit a Fourteener 

This was on my life list for more than 2,500 days (embarrassing), but on July 11, 2015, I stopped saying “I’ll do it tomorrow and I DID IT! Along with my cousin, Brent, I hiked/climbed to the top of Gray’s Peak and Torrey’s Peak to #markitoff.

17. Go to Fighting Irish football game in South Bend (with my college buddies Brad, Hatton and Tomas)

I helped my buddy, Brad, celebrate his 40th birthday. Notre Dame vs. Texas on Sept. 5, 2015 (FYI: I’m NOT a Notre Dame OR Texas fan)

18. Go to Big Bend

19. See a concert at Gruene Hall

I marked No. 10 off my list at the exact same time – see Bob Schneider in concert (Aug. 29, 2015)

20. Go hiking in Pacific Northwest (with Team Gilliand and Team Klantchnek)

21. Go on a trip to New Zealand

22. Go fly fishing**

My brother-in-law Mike and I fished while on a family trip to Pagosa Springs, CO. I caught one fish, accidentally. (I hooked him in the tail.)

23. Attend a Midwestern State football game in Wichita Falls (with N. Eatman)

24. Coordinate family camping trip (extended family, specifically M. Bacsik)

25. Attend a Rattlesnake Round-Up

There is one every year in Walnut Springs. Not only did I attend the one in March 2016, I was actually put in the rattlesnake pit and got the opportunity to handle a giant rattlesnake.


Project goal: A gigantic thank you note to God and a road map to truly live an adventurous and amazing life.

26. Help 100 people mark something off their list (22/100)**

27. Interview 20 people about their life lists

Podcasts from the Live the List Radio Show (click here)

28. Launch Live the List web site

29. Launch a community-based Live the List initiative

Be Festival: Nov. 11-13 in Glen Rose, Texas

30. Teach continuing education class revolving around the Live the List Project

Summer 2015 I taught classes at Tarleton State University and TCU


Cpt. Augustus McCraeThings that absolutely scare the hell out of me.

31. Revamp my wardrobe with custom clothes (with R. Long)

32. Get a tattoo**

33. Go deer hunting (with C. Oldham)

34 Get another dog*

In 2013, I lost my best friend – Cpt. Augustus McCrae – when he was hit by a car. I thought I could mark this off my previous 55/555 list. I wasn’t ready. On . (blog post)


Tasks I want to accomplish with my kids. Crash will be 6 years old when this list expires – Ily will be 3. 

Live the List35. Help Crash mark everything off his life list

This includes “learn to tie my shoes” and “go to 2 more states.”

36. Teach Crash to ride a bike*

This one was interesting…Crash taught HIMSELF to ride a bike, so I’m going to supplement a new task in its place….Ride a Bull.

37. Take Crash to Opening Day

April 10, 2015  – Rangers vs. Astros

38. Take kids to an aquarium


I went for quality instead of quantity in this category.

39. Join a small group at church (with my wife)

40. Get baptized

Mark it off: May 2016 at Stonewater Church

41. Invite 10 people to go to our church (10/10)*

I did this one swoop when I sent out SIXTY invitations to my baptism.

42. Complete “forgiveness list”

I have five people that I want to sit down with and let them know that they hurt me in some capacity, but that I forgive them. 


My grandfather encouraged me to a life-long learner. This category is designed to heed his advice and honor him.

43. Get my Class B driver’s license 

This will allow me to drive a real fire engine. YIKES!

44. Complete my EMT certification

45. Get scuba certification for fire department

46. Take one public speaking class

I joined Toastmaster’s in February of 2016

47. Learn to play the guitar AND play a 2-song concert at a local bar

I haven’t decided on the songs, yet – but you can bet Mr. Wade Bowen will be represented.


This is a catch-all category for some really cool things that I want to experience over the next 555 days.

48. Get laser-hair removal

April 1, 2015 (Reminder: This was actually a gift from my wife for my 40th birthday.)

49. Drink a beer with two former players from Blinn College*

50. Meet Author Andy Andrews

51. Raise a calf/cow for meat

52. Visit both Bush Libraries in Texas (with my parents)

53. Volunteer for Special Olympics event

Mark it off: May 27, 2016

54. Go to a film festival* (with my sister, Susan)

I wasn’t going to carry this over to this list, but my sister said: “That’s something that I really wanted to do with you.” #relationaljoy

55. Actively participate in Random Act of Kindness Week+

The first time that marked this off….I said a short prayer: “Heavenly Father…I don’t mean to be an idiot, but I need you to open my heart and educate me about kindness. Show me how you want to use me this week.” Mission. Accomplished. (blog post)

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One Comment on “Live the List: Here. We. Go. Again.”

  1. Carrie Bigbie
    March 15, 2015 at 3:21 pm #

    I’m so glad to see you are working on this again! You have inspired me to dust mine off and see what I can check off. Hope all is well!!

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