– Just Say the Word!

Why am I constantly throwing around the phrase “just say the word?” (You may have seen it in an e-mail, on a thank you note, or in a birthday card.) 

Answer: Because I want to help – anyway I can.

I’ve been using these four words FOREVER, so I decided to put them to work when I jumped head first into real estate.


– “If there is anything I can do for you – just say the word!”

– “Need any help? Just say the word!”

– “If you want to get together – just say the word!”

This simple phrase is now the unofficial marketing “campaign” for my professional life. What I love about this straightforward message – it’s not all about buying and selling houses. It stretches across all facets of life, and it goes back to my core mission of simply helping people.

Most importantly, it helps me accomplish my goal of staying relevant without shoving real estate down people’s throats.

My unofficial policy: I will NEVER use these four words in direct relation to real estate. (Example: I won’t send out an impersonal e-mail blast that says: “If you ever want me to sell your house – just say the word!”)

It loses its punch AND makes me a douche bag!

While I AM hoping that “buy” or “sell” are words that surface from time to time – I’m happy with words like “lunch” … “drinks” … “advice” … or simply “HELP!”

I’m actually hoping that these solicited words will even allow me to use skill sets that I’ve developed over the years, “write”… “develop” … “network.”


– Even though I’m jumping into real estate with both feet, I can still write a marketing/communications plan… “If I can help you build your business – just say the word.”

– Even though I’m excited about helping people find their dream house, I can still develop a web site… “If I can help you develop an online presence – just say the word!”

– Even though I want to help people find a house they can turn into a home, I can still connect people… “If I want me to introduce you guys – just say the word!”

How am I going to use these four words?

Answer: Anyway that I can.

That’s one of the reasons that I’m writing this explanation. There is a GREAT chance you’re going to see it again.

Click here for the evolution of “just say the word”

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